used to be bmxsexandrocknroll

Ask me anything   Submit   Amy. University. Australia. Gold Coast. I make mistakes and learn from them, but never regret. I love bmx riding and photography, The Maine, YM@6, All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday, ADTR etc. therefore, my blog will contain bmx posts, posts about music, lyrics, quotes and also just anything i come across that may be relevant to me or that i feel relevant to other people out there, pictures and other shit plus my own thoughts and rants etc. i don't own most of what i post. however i do make my own pictures and stuff, so yeah. R.I.P. Te` Maari Ngamotu Ratu, forever loved and missed by so many people ♥
i've had to deal with a lot of shit in my life, so before you go judging me, just keep that in mind.